Saturday, 5 December 2009

The 80,000 Pit Stop

Today I reached 80,000 words. Plus I am now one and a half chapters away to having a complete first draft. I keep going on about it but to me this is the biggest writing project I have attempted and finished (nearly!). 

I found this picture after typing eighty thousand into Google images and thought it seemed to fit the mood. There are still a few more steps to go before I reach the top. Then there is a new flight of steps for the editing and redrafting. 

I am now off for my first Christmas dinner of the year. Should be yummy for my tummy!


Jessie Carty said...

that is a good metaphor. ah the writer life! keep moving, one step at a time - bird by bird :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for stopping by Jessie. Your kitten profile picutre is really cute :)