Wednesday, 4 November 2009

WordPLAY Aftermath

Last night was brilliant.

At first I was worried having looked at the event page on Facebook and saw there were a LOT of people coming. Deep breaths, deep breaths. I thought I might stumble over my words, read the wrong page, stutter like a nervous wreak but a few vodka and cokes and the nerves seemed to evaporate.

I read 'Blood on your Graduation Gown.' Most of the story is based on true events e.g. me getting hit on the nose by a motarboard. Not good. Painful at the time but now a comedic piece of fiction. I got some laughs from the audience which was brilliant! Also the other performers were great too. My groupie My boyfriend had a great time too!

I would definitely recommend reading or even attending the event. The Good Ship in Kilburn is a really nice venue with the stage tucked into a lower level area.

Payment was chocolate and vodka. You can't ask for more really!


Teresa Stenson said...

Excellent - glad it went well and it sounds like you got a real buzz from doing it.

I've been asked if I'd like to read something somewhere soon (cryptic, I know) but I'm not sure I will. It's part of a bigger event I'm already feeling a little apprehensive about, so I'm thinking I should let this one pass. I think.

Jessica said...

Hi Teresa

I like cryptic comments!
I was very apprehensive (sp?) and wanted to pull out a few times but then I remembered it was my new year's resolution!

Good luck if you take the cryptic event up on their offer!