Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Word count Wednesday

I haven't written as much as I like over the past two weeks. I have been having physio for my headaches at the moment and its leacing me with hardcore pain after the appointments but I am slowly starting to fight back.

I am also currently reading a really good book on short story writing, Short Circuit. I am planning on writing another post on the blog at a later date. Plus I will be hosting (for the first time!) a guest post as well. More details to follow.

I have five more chapters left to write and then the first draft will be finished and the start of editing/redrafting begins. I had a plan the other month that it could be possible to finish the first draft by Christmas but now I am hoping for January. I'm not writing every day to actually meet my self-inflicted deadline. I have the motivation but not the time at the moment. Will try harder.

Overall word count - 72,135


Nik Perring said...

Sounds like you're doing plenty! Pat yourself on the back for that.

Hope the headaches get sorted.


Jessica said...

Hi Nik

Thanks :) I am currently trying accupunture. The physio reckons I have weak muscles at the back of my head.