Sunday, 1 November 2009

Preparing for a Reading - Part Two

WordPlay is next Tuesday. Major panic.

Preparation Step Two: Making Patrick Bateman* Proud

  • People have recently been asking me where they can read my stories. So I write down my blog link on scraps of paper. Than I thought, having seen other bloggers doing the same - how about Business cards? All the recommendations were for You have full design control. So I did. I went for 'writer' on them because that is what I do, I write. Putting 'Author' on them is not quite true. An author to me is someone with a book published.

I went for pictures of my bookcase and also the name of my blog in scrabble form. I like them. Business cards always remind me of this scene from American Psycho.

  • Tell friends and family. I have sent text messages and also the event invitation to friends on Facebook. Most have declined or not answered. Im not going to badger anyone but just remember that I have been bored (sorry, I mean entertained) at your performances/gigs/concerts so its payback.

  • Also here's the poster for the event:

*Patrick Bateman is the main character from American Psycho.


Sophie Playle said...

Oooh! Business cards! Cool!

Also, I love Patrick Bateman. (As a character... I doubt I would love him as much if he were real.)

Also, awesome! You're guest starring at a reading with Bernardine Evaristo! I loved her articles in Mslexia magazine.

So much excitment in such a short blog post :D

Jessica said...

I don't even think Patrick Bateman's mother would like him in real life either!

I wonder if it would be a bit stalker-ish to get her to autograph some of my back issues of Mslexia?!