Monday, 9 November 2009

Pay it Forward

Recently Teresa ran Pay it forward on her blog.  She had replied to another blogger and they had replied to another. I replied to Teresa and she sent me some lovely tea-lights, and a handmade card and gift tag from her very crafty friend. (There would be a picture but my camera is nowhere to be seen!). I loved them soo much that I used the candles the same night. The parcel arrived quite unexpectedly one gloomy day at work and really cheered me up!

The idea for Pay it Forward is to send the first three people who comment three small gifts. In return they will do the same.

This reminds me of the film Pay it Forward with the little boy from Sixth Sense doing random acts of kindness.

Now it is my turn. I am really excited about buying these little gifts! I already have some ideas. So its over to you! SO leave a comment in the box!


Mark said...

This is a comment :p

Jessica said...

Your my first one, Mark! Do ya want to email me your addy and I'll send you some random goodies at some point!

Teresa Stenson said...

Ah, this is not a comment, well it is, but it's not a hand in the air one. Just pleased to hear you liked the candles and made use of them straight away :)

Jessica said...

Thank you Teresa :)

Alex said...

This is a really fun idea. Where did it come from?

Jessica said...

Hi Alex

I'm not sure where the idea came from - probably a blogger wanting to past on some random act of kindness.

IF you want to take part than email me your address and I can send you a small token!