Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Man Waiting For a Train at The Pygmy Giant

I have a short piece up at The Pygmy Giant today.

I took the concept of the 'found poem' and wrote this short piece. It is all based on a conversation overheard at a train station one afternoon. The train was late and the character was marching up and down the platform. He had left his laptop unattended on a nearby bench as he had this conversation. Thankfully no one stole it.

I might expand the story one day.

The Man Waiting For a Train


Gemma Noon said...

Hi Jessica,

thanks for stopping by over at The Literary Project, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview with Steven Hall.

We've got loads lined up over the next few weeks so I look forward to seeing you again over there!

Gem x

Jessica said...

Hi Gemma

Thanks for popping over to my blog too :)

Looking forward to reading some more


Alex said...

Hi Jessica,

Just wanted to say that I really liked the story. It worked really well and made me smile.

All the best,

Jessica said...

HI Alex

Thanks for the great comment :)