Saturday, 17 October 2009

Writing Woes

This week has been one of the hardest writing weeks for a long time. Actually since this time last year when I struggled with the other, unfinished novel and looking at my laptop made me want to cry.
I tried this week to start chapter 4b - my post it note had the words 'fake morning sickness,' 'bin liners' and 'black market.' The ideas would not stretch to a full chapter. There are only so many paragraphs you can spend talking about being sick or filling a bag with rubbish. I thought about moving onto the next chapter but that was just as bad. There were four false starts and frenzied post it note scribbling.
This morning I was having a major clear out in the kitchen and it hit me. Erase those false starts and forget those key words. Writing about the shopping centre you keep thinking about. (yes, this novel is getting stranger but please bear with me). So the chapter 4b starts in a shopping centre rather than looking down at a sick-filled toilet. It feels better writing about shops rather than digested peas.

I have also had an acceptance for a very short flash fiction piece. More details to follow.

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