Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

It has been a mixed bag of sending out submissions, editing stories and writing this week. I have also cracked the fourth and fifth chapters and can clearly see where I am heading too.

I had another acceptance yesterday and hopefully the story will go live this week. I also got a 'maybe.' I need to wait a few weeks to see if the magazine will publish my short story. I guess the customary saying would be 'fingers crossed.'

There have also been rejections. One was from an innovative fiction magazine - they seem to have found my work too risky. They wanted beginning, middle and end. The point of the story was not to use normal structure - I thought it was clear with the title. But the good thing about this submission was that it had been made months and months ago. Since then Russian Dolls has been published (see left toolbar).

I am still thinking about which story to read in a few weeks time. Very hard decision to make. There was my new one but it still needs a lot of work and maybe not be ready in time.

Total word count for the novel - 61,418.

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