Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Word Count Wednesday

I have come up with a plan to tackle the backlog on my hard drive. I am going to print off all the short stories and flash fiction and try to edit at least one every week or finish writing any unfinished stories.

I have had some writing rejections over the past week but they have been cancelled out with one acceptance at a new magazine and I will also be reading one (as yet undecided) short story at an event at Word Play in London (details to follow). I am very excited and also nervous. What if I trip over the mic, or create feedback on the speakers or stumble over my words or say a swear word without thinking? But there is time to calm down and prepare. I am going to be practicing over the next few weeks and my boyfriend has kindly agreed to record me so I can hear how it sounds.

I have also done some writing on the novel too. I have increased my word count with each writing session but I have been having a few days off to do editing.

Total word count - 59,753.


katiemccullough said...

Fab news Jess and I'm completely loving your new header! Sucker for Scrabble I am :)

Let me know when you're reading and I'll try and make it along, Word Play nights are fantastic.


Kerry said...

Hey Jess,

Congrats on the reading...I'm super duper impressed with your bravery - the very idea makes me quake in my flip-flops!

Also loving the new header!


Jessica said...

Glad you both like my new header :)

I have no idea on what to read - a new piece or an already published piece?!