Thursday, 8 October 2009

National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day. I celebrated with a glass of cider and some ice cream. And if I'm lucky some bedtime reading later.

Back in the bookshop days, National Poetry Day was great fun. There would be activities and also the announcement of the poetry comp. The finalists had their poems sent to Head office and then the over all winner was printed in a national paper.

The local winners came to a mini-prize giving after the store closed. We pushed away the tables, brought down the chairs and set up plastic cups of wine and orange juice. The winners read their poems and then got their book tokens. It was a great night, even better than some of the events we had with 'real life' authors.

The greatest part of this celebration was ringing up the winners beforehand and telling them. I got gasps, cheers and silence from the shock. It was a great feeling to make someone's day.

I'm not sure if my local chain bookstore does anything like that. It would be a shame if they stopped because it was a great way to get children engaging with poetry.


B said...

Hi - you commented on my blog a while back when I wasn't really taking much notice of it. I just wanted to pop over and say a belated 'hi' and thanks for dropping in!

Did you see that the Tonto results are finally out? I'm disappointed, but I'll get over it :)

Jessica said...

Hello! Thanks for popping over :)

I was a little sad too, now its fingers crossed for the Bridport but I think it could be another disappointment!