Monday, 19 October 2009

My Jeans were my Saviours at Tomlit

Today one of my short stories, My Jeans were my Saviours, is up at Tomlit in the first issue. You can either download the PDF, read the story over at Tomlit or you can download it from here (if I have embedded it properly!).

This story was originally meant to be a few sentences long and was going to be about someone who never puts away their laundry. (come on girls, you know what I mean about piles of laundry that do not belong to us!). It was going to be from a female perspective but things evovled. and now we have a story about an unknown worldwide disaster from the average-Joe viewpoint.

I wrote the story a few months ago, nearly deleted it as I was not keen on the original story but then decided to let it stew on the hard drive. Then I found it again the other week and started carving away to the story we see today.


Alex Thornber said...

Thank you so much for embedding, this is so cool! Thank you for your submission.

All the best,

Jessica said...

Hi Alex

Thanks for accepting my story :)