Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

Not such a big word count jump this week. I haven't found much time in between personal matters, fighting off this ear, throat and chest infection and being back at work.

Over all word count - 48,539

I hope to reach the half way point over the next week. And then its back to the beginning to write Character B's chapters.

There is also a nice review about Shot Glass Stories - You can read it here.

"‘How to Breathe on the Train’: An intense and vivid depiction of claustrophobia, which throws the reader right into the situation. Not pleasant to read, naturally; but superbly effective writing."
David Hebblethwaite, Follow the Thread


Selina Kingston said...

Gosh! I am in awe!

Jessica said...

Hi Selina
Thanks :)

Teresa Stenson said...

Very cool, Jessica - well done :)

Jessica said...

Thanks Teresa - How is your writing coming along?