Monday, 21 September 2009

Planning the Second Half

I am going to be honest. I have been dreading this part of the novel. That is why I have left it until now. I have had no clear direction with what I wanted to happen to this character. The last time I tried to write a chapter for character B it went wrong. I stopped writing for a month and even considered sending it all to the recycling bin.

But I conquered the fear. Tonight I have planned the rest of the novel.

I started with writing down all the events that I wanted the second part to have. This technique is called 'spinning down the page' and it is crossed between free writing and brainstorming. New idea for every new line. Then I pulled out my timeline (see picture below - the yellow sticky notes are the 'written' sections) and used this for a reference as I plotted the new events. The white post-it notes underneath are the rest of the story.

I am now looking forward to beginning the second half.


Teresa Stenson said...

Post-its make everything seem possible.

Good luck, Jessica - I'm envious of where you are and hope to be there soon! Just need an idea first.

Jessica said...

Its funny how a small piece of paper with a strip of stickness brings so much pleasure!