Saturday, 19 September 2009

Indulging in Non Fiction

I am currently reading 'Affluenza' by Oliver James. The book examines the world's obsession to 'keep up with the Joneses.' I am about two hundred pages into the book and already I have highlighted sections and made notes on how I can make my characters more real. I am also thinking more about about surroundings, personal history and social status can affect a person's behaviour.

Reading psychology books is a secret passion of mine. I find them a great inspiration for character development. Over the years some of my favourites have been 'Watching the English,' 'Everytown.' And I recently purchased 'Snoop' so I can read about what people's possessions say about individuals.

I take these books at a slower pace and allow myself time to stop, think through the concepts and make notes or highlight sentences for future reference.

I already have several pages on notes for editing and revising the novel.


Teresa Stenson said...

'Watching the English' is great. One of those books where you exclaim out loud at the accuracy of Kate Fox's observations. I love all the stuff about queuing (that word looks wrong but tells me it's right...) She says something about how English people will form an orderly queue even if they're on their own, and especially at bus stops. It's a very tense place to be, a queue.

Jessica said...

'Watching the English' is my favourite - I have read it twice.