Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

I have written something practically every day this past week and even the first hundred words of a short story, which is good as i have been sloppy on writing shorter pieces recently. I am thinking about dedicating one day each week to short story writing as I have quite a few ideas at the moment. It could mean one less day for the novel, unless I make it a weekend day and write both.

Unsure, yet.

Over all Word count - 38,037

I am meant to be packing at this moment for Edinburgh but it can wait until Friday, can't it? Holiday reading, hmmm, at the moment it will be to finish 'The Stone Gods.' I am also going to take 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy and 'Slaughterhouse 5' by Kurt Vonnegut. I'm still in half minds about taking a 'how to write/characters/novel' sort of book. I seem to be avoiding them since writing this bigger piece. Maybe I am worried that my writing is all wrong?


Kerry said...

Hey Jess,

The Road is so so so (not enough space in comment box for the amount of 'so's' I want to add) brilliant. I just wouldn't start reading unless you have time to read it cover to cover (probably about 4's not that long). Have a lovely time in Edinburgh...I am so jealous!

Richard Lemmer said...

Hello Jessica,

I've really enjoyed your stories (came to them through 3:AM). I noticed you won the WorldSkills Gold Award 2008 in Creative Writing, and I'm thinking of applying for the 2010 competition, and was hoping you could give some pointers about applying - like word limits, what you think the judges are looking for, what story you sent to them etc. It really would be invaluable advice! Feel free to email me @ (would be great to have your opinion on one of my stories!)



Jessica said...

Hi Kerry

I'm really looking forward to reading The Road :) I hear there is a film coming out soonish.

I've never been to Scotland so looking forward to it. How are you travels?

Hi Richard,
Thanks for visiting :)
I will email you once I get back from my holiday.