Thursday, 6 August 2009

Wordcount Wednesday - 100th post

I'm sure its still Wednesday somewhere in the universe.

First, lets get the bad news out of the way - I did not get through to the Writing scheme. Over 80 applied. It could have been anything, not liking the portfolio, not enjoying my statement or I could have been over qualified with my BA and MA. I won't know. But I am not going to stop writing - I need to say that as I know people who have stopped over the first rejection.

Good news - sent off two different stories for two different competitions. Fingers crossed for both. One is the story that I wrote when I was ill and has only had one edit.

Novel word count - 32, 403.

Not too much 'proper' writing this week as I have been restructing the next two chapters - I have moved one chapter two places forward and now have a new sequence of events.

I also have an idea for a new short story. Bits and bobs are written across my notebook, laptop and on work PC from writing in my lunch. Must puzzle them together at some point.

Busy weekend ahead - two wedding receptions to attend and I need a good sleep too - this week has been full of overtime, gym and yawning.


Valerie O'Riordan said...

That's a real shame about the scheme, Jessica. But the main thing is to keep writing, because that's what it's all about at the end of the day - the words and the creative process - not forms and teachers and stuff. I'm so impressed at your steadily increasing word count that I'm bullying myself into productivity by keeping a log of my own words. So low it's funny! I keep running away to write flashes instead!

Jessica said...

Thanks - I have been a bit lazy for the past few weeks so I haven't had such a bigger increase of words that I hoped for.

Thanks for the link on your blog :)