Friday, 28 August 2009

Holiday Happiness

I’m off to Edinburgh today. No train or plane for us (too expensive!), no we are going to do the 6 and half hour journey in the car. We should be fine as we have a new Sat Nav (or as a farmer called it on a recent TV programme, ‘Stats Naff’). One straight line on the A1. Now I don’t have to bother being the map reader, I can watch the clouds. I wonder if I could write. I know reading makes me feel sick.

For one lovely week we will be staying in this lovely cottage – taking it easy and relaxing. Our last holiday was spent painting and moving home.

We have a few activities planned: heading to talks by Douglas Coupland and Margaret Atwood at the Edinburgh Book Festival on the Sunday, mystery restaurant for Boyfriend’s birthday (it’s a mystery as I haven’t decided where to take him) and also a guided tour through the old, underground city.

I am taking the McBook too (see even my laptop is getting into the swing of things). I am hoping to do lots of writing but as long as my daily counts are done, I will be happy.

There will be updates if I can find some WiFi but if not there will be one massive post in a week's time and I have also done a scheduled post too.


Teresa Stenson said...

Very jealous... have a fab time.

And do tell us all about the talks and any other literary findings when you return :)

helencaldwell said...

Hi Jessica, hope you enjoy your holiday. There are plenty of cafes around Edinburgh with free WiFi so hopefully you'll be able to let us know how you are getting on. I'm curious to know what the Book Fest talks are like. I went to a couple last week and loved them.