Sunday, 9 August 2009

Forgetting the Mistakes and Carry on Writing

I think I have just written the worse chapter. Ever. In the world.
The structure of the plot in chapter 7a is hard. I could have started the story too early. Who cares about the main character's walk to work?
The dialogue is laughable - which is not good - I'm not writing comedy - It reads more like a media-speak manual.
And the character's emotions are all over the place - Yes, real life is like that if you're a woman but not from one sentence to the other.

I might be over thinking the chapter so I am not going to worry until I am editing - by that time I will now where the proceeding chapters are heading.

On with the next chapter.


Teresa Stenson said...

Ah, Jessica - sounds like you have a case of the 'Writer's Doubts' - I can't think of a more inventive way to phrase it right now - but it sounds familiar.

I'm not writing a novel (yet) but I had that thing earlier in the week, as I drafted out a story, where the writing was just so bad, or so it felt, as I read over it.

When that happens I try to remind myself that as long as the words are there you can work on them, but you can't edit a blank page.

Keep going.

Jessica said...

Hi Teresa

I like the term of 'writers doubts' - its not as bad as writer's blog! I think I have conquered it for the moment - reworked some chapters AND I am considering changing from third person to first person - but need to do some experimentation first!

katherineelizabeth said...

I’ve developed a really bad habit of always deciding to switch from third to first or vice versa. Its like I always make the wrong choice when I first start writing. With my novel I know that it would be easier in third person, but it kind of has to be in first person, otherwise it loses a major point. Which means I know its going to be a harder and longer project for a while, until I’m completely happy with the narrative works.

As for the "Writer's doubts" - I think sometimes when you have a really solid idea it can be hard to write what you actually want to the first time around because of the pressure you put yourself under – I definitely had that with my Chapter 4 (I hate it, I refuse to refer to it as part of the book at present) BUT when I’ve written something that I’m not happy with I remind myself that by the time I return to it I’ll have moved on leaps and bounds and be able to scribble through it with my pen and change it to what I actually meant the first time around. I think sometimes its easy, especially in the bigger projects, to work yourself too hard and expect too much of yourself.

And anyway, us writer’s are our own worst critics – it’s never as bad as we convince ourselves it is. So I’m sure you’re doing great!