Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

I have reached thirty thousand words. Thats 30,000 words. I always find digits look more impressive.

Over all word count: 30,632.

This has been a good writing week so far. Cubicle Crimes is up at The Beat, I have started edited another comedy piece based on true events and I am also reading Generation A by Douglas Coupland. I really like it so far (only 150 pages read). I might be biased though as I have liked his previous books.


Anonymous said...

I read "Cubicle Crimes" and loved it! My office is strange like that, too. I always want to write about my co-workers but worry they sound unrealistic, haha!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, 30,000 is good progress! What do you think the final tally will be?
And I have to ask, where did you manage to get a proof copy of Generation A?

Jessica said...

Hi Allison - Thanks for the comments :) - I am making my way through them now!

Hi Anon,

I hope to be 90,000 words. My proof copy came from my work as we were sent a copy. (I work for a bookdata company).