Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

Overall Novel Word count: 28,015

Oh, what happened there? The word count has only increased by 483 words. What about the daily target? What about your newly found motivation?


Firstly, this week went very quickly. By the time I reached my Macbook it was Wednesday again.
This week has been busy what with my sister giving birth to a beautiful baby girl (I had my first cuddle this evening), stressing about my cable and worrying that I would never open my files again because they are all doc.x and also doing more DIY and painting because we want the house to look half decent as this weekend we have a friend staying in the 'spare bedroom' (currently half painted, half wall-papered, half a carpet).

Also all my notes from the past week are in my notebook and I don't fancy counting every word on those ten pages.

Next week will be a better word count. I promise.

There is also my short story that needs editing. I must remember that....

An editor rejected my story last week but has now got back to me, asking if he could workshop it. Sounds fine to me. Feedback in all shapes is helpful.


Teresa Stenson said...

Congratulations on your new baby niece!

That's interesting about the workshopping request. A great opportunity to find out why it didn't make it in that particular place. Let us know how that goes.

Jessica said...

Thank you - she looks just like my sister.

I will keep you updated with the workshopping - still do not know when it is happening!