Thursday, 9 July 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

This week's look at the word count is a day late, not because I wanted to up the word count and show off with another billion words written but because I have been ill. That is not the only excuse. Yesterday the urge to write a short story took over and I went for it. 1500 words later and I just need to add a few more details. Usually I sit down, plan the structure, maybe write some longhand. Not this time. My fingers thudded the keyboard most of the day. Its a comedy story set on graduation day. Sometimes you need a bit of comedy to cheer up one's self up on a sick day.

I have written 2,224 words this week for the novel.
Total - 25,806.

I have also organised the files on my Macbook too. Each chapter has its only folder. All that's left to do is merge the several documents I have for each chapter.

Sometimes getting post is more exciting than emails (especially the rejecting type). This week my tickets for Edinburgh Book Festival arrived and the latest Mslexia. Heaven.

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