Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

Even though the heat makes it unbearable to sit in the spare room (Office sounds too grown up), I have still been able to write this week. Either during my lunch break, waiting for the evening train, in bed, on the sofa and the odd occasion, the desk.

Total : 23,564

I have been too focused on the novel to write any more to a short story in progress. But I have entered three competitions and submitted to some other magazines this week.


Sophie Playle said...

Wow, that's more writing than I do in a month! ... I guess that says something about me, though. Ha.

And good luck with the comps. Which ones did you enter?

Jessica said...

Hi Sophie

I can't believe how much I have written either. I feel very inspired at the moment and writing every day is liberating.

I entered a comp related to Latitude festival (prize is to read at the festival), The Bridport but so many people enter it and also the Guardian one too :)

Teresa Stenson said...
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Teresa Stenson said...

(previous comment deleted because of typo...)

Is that 23,564 words in a week or 23,564 so far with your novel?

Whichever way, it's a handsome word count, and many more words than I have on one project.

Keep riding that wave of inspiration for as long as it's here!

Good luck in all the comps, too.


Jessica said...

Hi Teresa

Its the word count overall - I'm not sure if I am capable to write 23k in a week would have to give up work and get myself a helper to make my dinners and washing. lol.