Saturday, 25 July 2009

Shelving the Novel

Today I had to shelve my current reading book. A Novel. (sorry, I'm not going to give the title as I don't like to upset people and I would like to hope that people would treat me the samey) (Its not also the book in my current reading window either). I don't like putting books back that I have only half read but I tried with this novel and I couldn't go any further. I even looked at the Amazon reviews yesterday and there were people on there giving the book stars from 5 all the way to 3 - so I did feel bad and sat down before bed last night to have one more crack at the book but I just didn't care anymore.

But the book still got me thinking about my writing and what I could do to avoid readers with my work having the same reaction as me:

  • Every other chapter had a different plot with all the characters fighting for page space to be the main character. It was confusing especially with their names drifting between being called 'Doctor Surname' and 'name.'
My novel also has two plots running through on every other chapter but I need to make sure there are defined characters and the secondary characters know their place.

  • I wanted to know more about the world but it was mostly action.
In my writing I want to find the right balance between description and action.

  • Confusing about where the plot was heading as new questions were springing up and old questions were left unanswered. Maybe if I finished the book I would have found them. But there were too many. Characters were changing their goals in each chapter too.
My writing needs to have a structure and defined character goals.

  • One chapter was based on one event whilst the other was faster and over a longer time period.
I need to maintain the pace in each chapter but also as a whole.

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allison said...

I've read books like what you described, also. It's really hard to follow the story, and there doesn't seem to be a point when you don't know or like the characters. At least you learned something from it! I need to start looking at things that way, instead of just getting frustrated and putting the book away.