Saturday, 4 July 2009

o2 are rubbish, LG phones are poorly made and some writing too.

This week I have been doing battle over my LG KT520. My mobile phone is one of those 'stylist' slide phones but my one had literally broken into two (the screws have come loose). Under EU law and mobile phone rights, I have the right to demand they fix the phone for free or replace it as I have only had it for ten months (two year warranty). Apparently 02 (my service provider) is telling me that it is physical damage caused by the user. Tell me, how did I make the screws come out, They aren't even visible! So the company are calling me a liar and keep pushing me to another department. I wrote an email of complaint and customer services have dismissed it and told me to write another. Even one of their call centre staff said I had a case against them.

I have been very upset by this - and now the o2 shop in question (the Stevenage branch) do not know when they will return my broken phone. Thanks a bunch.

If you gave googled about the LG KT520, don't buy it. You should also read the reviews on 02's own site. People have complained about the phone switching off and not coming back on and also messages not deleting. I have also suffered those problems too.

I also have a cold too. I have done some writing in the garden this morning but my concentration is starting to lapse into the sore throat department. I have written 425 words this morning and I still need to read a writing friend's story.

Also I found this website. Text to movie. You can create free films. You just add the dialogue. I thought it would be good when testing out conversations in scenes but I think screenwriters will like it too.


Valerie O'Riordan said...

Jessica, I feel your pain. I've considered making an O2 voodoo doll to get some of the rage out. Once they delivered my phone to the wrong person, and then told me that my house didn't exist.

Nik Perring said...

Eek, ick and argghhh. And grr also. Not much to suggest really so I shall simply offer you virtual hugs and Strepsils.


PS - Valerie - that IS CLASSIC! Gah!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the virtual hugs and also the strepsils!

I've calmed down about the phone now - I have come to realise that 'they don't make things like they used too...'

Nik Perring said...

Thy don't but you're still a customer who has rights (ie the right to not have big companies treat you like you don't matter...)