Sunday, 12 July 2009

Eleven Kinds of Loneliness

The application form for the Writing Scheme is now on it's way through the postal system and will hopefully land at its destination before Wednesday's deadline. Fingers crossed.

I have also found myself with a new short story to edit and also a flash piece. One is about the end of the world. again. I am obsessed at the moment with think about society collapsing or the world's resources running out.

Richard Yates. You might know him from the adaptation of this novel Revolutionary Road with Kate Winslet. I came to know the name through my Bookselling days. A few novels would sell every few months and I would file them in the fiction section without much of a second glance because my heart was for Margaret Atwood. But it wasn't until I had seen the film and then researched about him that I discovered his short stories. Eleven Kinds of Loneliness is brilliant. Yates turns ordinary situations into looking at the human condition with only a few thousand words. "Ordinary into the Extraordinary" was a lesson we were always told at university and Yates shows us that the tutors weren't crazy. I would highly recommend this book for any short story writer or novelist. Yate's book is the best short story collection I have ever read. Its going straight on my re-read list.


Teresa Stenson said...

I too love Richard Yates.

I like 'Eleven kinds', and loved reading 'Revolutionary Road'. (I haven't seen the film yet.) He is an inspiring writer. Ah. (Just baskin...)

Jessica said...

I am quite tempted to order Easter Parade and put it top of my 'to read' pile... But then I only have 5 pounds left this month for food.