Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Cubicle Crimes at The Beat

The Beat have accepted my real-life inspired story, Cubicle Crimes. All names have been changed to protect the guilty. I mean innocent. Also some of the events are not from real life but that's what makes it fiction. You need to embellish, tell a story, make stories appealing.

The Beat are U.K based and look to showcase new and exciting writers.

You can read Cubicle Crimes here. And comment if you wish.


katiemccullough said...

I tried to leave a comment but it confused me so just incase it doesn't show up there I wanted to say I feel your pain... some people are just too particular for their own good. Some of them don't need to exist or work with fellow human beings :)

Nice work Jessica, really enjoyed it.


Jessica said...

Thank you :)

sometimes writing about it can make it all seem funny! I remember at the time I was so confused that ppl got upset about glasses!

katiemccullough said...

What routine is to one is confusion to others. I used to work with someone who bleached the toilet seat after everyone used it, but not tell anyone. You'd just find out the hard (and very wrong) way.

Loved the part about the water tasting more refreshing, like a simple annunciated stab in the back. Great!


lisa said...

very nice, neat story Jess - but if that's based on truth, i'm glad i don't work in an office!