Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Book Binge

Last week I had a book binge. I now have eight new books to get my eyes around. That is also including two new proofs. One is Douglas Coupland's 'Generation A.' I am going to try and read it before Edinburgh in August.
Look at that beautiful stack (and retro carpet - funky!) of books. I like making books like pretty. I think it is the Bookseller part of me.

I have also had a splurge with making some submissions. Some are new stories, some have been sent more than twice and now I am waiting to hear back. One magazine has closed to submissions (I missed the notice on the website - should not trust Duotrope) but I will try when they reopen and another said a story was too long (again, Duotrope).

Since my binge I have felt ill. I currently have a cold (no, its not swine flu) and feel dreadful. I am currently sleeping, reading, watching faceless day time television and sleeping. There has been some writing done too. I am keeping topped up with 'day nurse' and hot blackcurrant.


Alienist said...

Thanks for the list, I may have to add some of these. Tell me how they are!

The Road is great, chapter-free reading. I may try that, I feel like I'm using chapters like a bad habit sometimes.

Jessica said...

Hey Dave

I'm getting confused with your usernames - is it wordpress or Blogger?! I noticed you disappeared for a while on the whole 'followers' screen.

I'm looking forward to reading all those books too. I'm currently indulging in a short story collection.

How is the writing coming along?


Alienist said...

Hey Jess,

I usually use Wordpress but since I had Blogger, I use it to comment if it's signed in.

Since I'm doing the opposite to what I normally do in some instances, I may start a wordcount and have a few more blogs. Do you know the site?

I'm writing a few short stories I'd let pile up, while I re-think the novel(s)and the TV idea. I'm bad at choosing ideas, so I'm letting whatever falls to the wayside off the ride.

Jessica said...

Which website?

I have a pile of stories too - I had a binge the other day on submitting. The rejections are starting to bounce back. I just need to remember that reading is subjective....

Alienist said...

My Wordpress: http://obsidianrazor.wordpress.com/

Hey, at least you're submitting AND getting some published. I'm still being too much of a chicken/ perfectionist that I'm not learning anything outside my own process!

Jessica said...

I've added you to the blog list :)

Alienist said...


Did you ever notice how many blogs I've had over the years?

Jessica said...

about five?