Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Accidential Notebook and Other Dilemmas

I am nearing the end of a notebook. One page left and it will be another filled. I like the achievement of finishing notebooks but there is also the fright. What sort of notebook shall I use next, will I be able to write on the pages? The previous notebook (well I didn't even fill half of it but it needed to be shelved) had plain pages and we didn't make friends. I like my uniformed lines unless it separate sheets of plain paper and then I like to write in slopes.

The notebook that is nearly the finishing lines was an accident. Its one of those cheap reporter pads and was meant for making notes at the LBF but on the train journey I started writing a new scene and carried on from there. Because it was a cheap notebook - I didn't feel bad for writing rubbish or ripping out pages. There was a sort of freedom.

I have several choices for the next notebook. A penguin '1984' notebook, a moleskine book (A5 in size, bigger than my normal selection), a notebook with wide lines (i like the small lined books) or buy another reporters pad. I love buying stationery. I could stand in a shop, staring at notebooks for hours. I think about the sort of things it would hold, if its portable for my handbag and train writing, if its durable. No body wants a pad with a paper cover. You need one that lean on. Also I like books with the spiral spine and you can roll over the writing and not worry about editing on the previous section. In the past I have had a pocket Moleskine, a spiral bound notebook, another moleskine rip-off with different coloured pages.

What a writing dilemma.

Maybe road testing each one could be the solution. "Notebook's got talent" coming to a blog near you soon.


katiemccullough said...

I have way too many notebooks all of which fall into the categories you have mentioned (mostly they're unlined and don't have easy functional spines). It's the drawback of working in a stationery shop and getting new stock. I'm sure you'll find the right notebook, it's the words that go in them that are most important.


Jessica said...

I would love to work in a stationery shop but I might end up in a drunk state of notebook lust.

Nik Perring said...

Ooh now that is a dilemma! I'm a serious Moleskine convert - without lines though (my scruffy writing/jotting doesn't DO lines!). Good luck. Hope you make the right decision!


Sofluid said...

I also love notebooks, but rarely write in them.

I finf it so hard to soil the lovely crisp new pages and when i do start to write, i feel all sorts of guilty if it ends up mostly messy :S

I used to collect notebooks, but never write in them. I now have lots of lovely notebooks sitting around looking... pretty.

My favourite paper is thin-lined, grey-lined A4 pads, the ones that fit ina folder. Used that all the timne at Uni. Blue bic medium = pen of choice.

Can't write on thin paper with blue lines, no no no. Also can't write in black pen, no.

Alas I end up writing mostly on my laptop. Quicker than hand-writing, for me, these days...

I'd love one of those cool looking moleskin ones though. You know, the ones that make you look like a stylish auteur, oh yeah!

Good luck choosing!

Jessica said...

I picked the moleskine - I used to have a small one but this one is A5 sized - quite big for me BUT I have written in it and my pen quite likes being folded within the pages.