Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Writing Structure

I seem to be writing this current chapter (5b) differently from the other ones. The earlier chapters were written chronological but this one is more of a patchwork. I started with the ending as I knew where the plot needed to be by the end, then some of the middle as I have crucial parts that just needed to be written at that moment and then the beginning.
The only problem is I need to link them - add more details, take out an repetitions over the several files. All the chapters have at least four or five files - I need to be more organised and merge them at some point.

I finally have a title too or at least a working title. If I mentioned it before, than that was only an idea but now it feels more permanent now I have written the title down a few times. I have also checked on Amazon to see if any other books have that name. Only two non-fiction titles. Nothing that would clash.

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