Sunday, 21 June 2009

Writing Space

This is my new desk and writing space. The desk is huge (found via EBay) and I can fit pretty much everything on it! The background is my new whiteboard/pinboard. One corner has a list for the boyfriend, who at first wasn't too keen on the idea. "Only good for meetings and we're not planning meetings are we?" I gave him some space on it (In the future he might own his own one!) and now has been wavered to our side.

The writing is coming on
great. I didn't write every day this week but I have written more than I would normally and I hope to cross the 20K border this evening.

I like this quote from the Mslexia diary too:

"I still don't think I have a vocation - and writing is a way of avoiding one."
- Henrietta Rose-Innes.


katiemccullough said...

Yay for the whiteboard!

(Nice to see you're keeping yourself watered, most important, life juice).


Jessica said...

Thank you :)
I just need to remember to update the board more often!