Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

  • Novel word count - 19,400
  • Still waiting to hear back about four pieces.

This week has been mainly about editing, editing, editing. Personal statement is ready to send (waiting for professional statement) and two stories are nearing the finishing line.
I also came across this website, The Book Seer, that helps recommend a book based on your previous reading. My reading list has already expanded.
I keep sneezing when I read at the moment. My copy of 'The Women's Room' is ancient and second hand or even fourth hand with yellowed, curled pages. But 80 pages in, and I love it. I like reading books that I nod with agreement. Someone who understood how I felt when I was a teenager. Great book.


Sofluid said...

That's a brilliant website! Thank you for the link!

Jessica said...

No Problem :)

e said...

Wow. After I discovered I was obsessed with the idea of making a website "like Pandora, but with books." But not like "Amazon Recommends," no, something that takes more into account. Something EXACTLY like bookseer. Oh I'm so glad you posted that link, I'm now obsessed. Even though I am a little sad it's not my "original idea" anymore.

Jessica said...

I know what you mean - I keep thinking of books to search and get more recommendations :)