Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

Motivation has taken possession of me this week. Every day I have written something, either the novel, some more towards a short story or letters and personal statements. Nothing can stop me at the moment. Not even the football commentary blarring from the television downstairs. 

Update on writing projects: 
  • Novel word count: 18,583.
  • One story has been redrafted (the first paragraph removed - something I always need to do. A lingering start always helps me find the plot and know the situation better - its only words - I can delete them at the editing stage - which I did this week).
  • Wrote some more of the story that I keep promising to do. 
  • Wrote first draft to my personal statement for the writing scheme.


katiemccullough said...

Check you out with the heaps of motivation! I envy you right now. Keep up the great work!


Jessica said...

Hi Katie,

How was your weekend. I wasn't very productive this weekend with the novel - a few notes and editing on some short pieces.

katiemccullough said...

I work at the weekend which always leaves me in this hazy arrogance of telling myself, "if only I weren't working here I'd be at home working on my writing...". Never plays out that way. I'm juggling several projects so it's hard to throw my attention (plus concentration) at anyone thing.

Thus, so far, I have done little bits of lots of things. But I still envy your dedication!