Monday, 1 June 2009

New Writing Toy

My new writing accessory is a whiteboard/pinboard (Half and half) thanks to Katie's ( suggestion on Twitter. I would put a picture on here but there is only two notes on it. One with my 'awaiting response' and the other on what needs redrafting and editing. Nothing exciting. Yet.
Having my to-do lists visually has already motivated me. I had a story come back recently with some feedback from a writing friend and I have let it stew on the computer but now its printed off and has some notes on the page.

I have also developed a daily writing habit too. New Desk, new writing board, new motivation.


obsidianrazor said...

I want a whiteboard or a place where my clothesline doesn't fall down if I hang chapters, that currently do not exist in print or digital form- but I totally plan on hanging chapters because it makes an interesting story in itself, on. Oooh! Or a glassboard!

katiemccullough said...

A glassboard... you got me thinking now obsidianrazor!

Glad you've got the boards in place and ready to be covered in work Jessica! They're a godsend for just scribbling insane ideas down or, this is a personal favourite, writing a random phrase or idea. It sits on my board for ages and some days I'll look at it and go, "What the....?" Other days I go, "That's bloody genius, I'm using that!"

Then again I do love my whiteboards have have four of the beauts so I'm biased but they really are just a simple nifty tool to get you to pick up a pen and attack. Because if it's no good, you just wipe clean. If it's damn tasty hot and good, you'll reach for your pen and paper/laptop/computer/paid scribe (?!) and transfer quickly.

Jessica said...

A glassboard sounds great - you could write both sides (one side for main plot and the other for subplot) - one long timeline!