Sunday, 14 June 2009

Hairdressers and Chat

This weekend I have been concentrating on editing but found time to try out a new hairdresser in my new town. An old lady sat next to me as I waited for my appointment. She was really chatty and told me she only came in every week because the stylists had become her closest set of friends.

We talked about writing. Doesn’t happen much these days unless it’s online. So I sucked up every word.

-“I like to dabble in writing too.” – I think she thought I did it as a hobby for Sunday afternoons and rainy days.

And she liked to write stories from an animal’s point of view, especially naughty Blackbirds. But the story must have a moral to it as people learn their behaviour from novels, etc. That’s why she didn’t enjoy modern stories. I don’t really like stories with the moral screaming off the page. Actually I have never considered making any story particular to that thought.

But she did come up with a good idea:

Know a child who doesn’t like writing. Write the beginning paragraph and then get them to do the next part and you do the next, etc. She did this technique with her grand daughter (they send the exercise books in the post to each other).


Sofluid said...

That's a very good idea indeed...

Jessica said...

I really liked it too - the only thing I agreed with. working with others to write a story sounds great (a break from the cliched isolation of the writer) .