Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Edinburgh International Book Festival

I have booked a cottage in Edinburgh at the end of August for a relaxing holiday away from decorating and the day job. I'm also hoping to catch the tail in of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Tickets went on sale yesterday and I was refreshing the website until it started working (around lunchtime) and I have some tickets to go and see two of my favourite authors:
Douglas Coupland
Witty, clever and entertaining, Douglas Coupland's international bestselling novels walk the tightrope between optimism and paranoia. Generation A mirrors his debut Generation X, this time with a near-future world where bees are thought extinct, until five people in different countries are stung on the same day. A hugely original contemporary voice.
Margaret Atwood
The second opportunity of the day to see one of our greatest living writers. Come and hear all about Margaret Atwood's new novel The Year of the Flood, an apocalyptic vision and a new beginning. In a world where systems of religion and science have been pushed to extremes, a group of survivors build a new life based on their faith. Powerful, important, beautiful literature at its very best.
I have until the end of August to contain my excitement and also to think of any questions. Please don't let me stutter because of nerves!

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