Monday, 18 May 2009

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

I planned to read the play before I went to see ‘Waiting for Godot’ but ran out of time. (I’ve added it to my future reads). So I only knew that it was about two tramps waiting for a person named ‘Godot’

Ian Mckellan and Patrick Stewart starred in this performance. I had read an interview on the BBC website and then was watching one of the old-ish Star Trek films and thought it seemed quite right to go and see this play. They seemed the right double act to play Vladimir and Estragon.
The set was minimal with a tree and broken brickwork and floorboards, which I liked because it stops the mind from wandering away from the dialogue because the set has too much detail.
Class divide and how the rich have power over the lower classes was demonstrated by Pozzo's (that actor who dies in Four weddings and a funeral)hold over 'Lucky' with a rope tied around his servant's(Lucky) neck.
There is bleakness juxtaposed with the comedic. One moment the characters are considering hanging themselves and the next they are mocking Pozzo with dances and jokes.
Act one and Act two have the same events (but a day apart) with Pozzo arriving again as the men wait but this time he is blind and Lucky is dumb. Lines are also repeated between the characters. I took this as showing that life is repetitive.
They also consider the reliability of the apostles - which is the definitive version? We, the audience are also left questioning whether their versions of the events on both days is reliable and which of them is correct. the repetition of the story by the four gospels might allude to the repetitiveness of the action of the play.
Only one complaint - They could have done with either mic-ing up the actors or speaking louder for the people in the cheap seats at the back (like me!). I missed snatches of dialogue because (it sounded like from my height) they were mumbling.

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