Thursday, 7 May 2009

Chapters and Titles

I finished chapter three last night. I have now decided that this won't be 'chapter three' anymore. I want to have two more narratives running through the novel and each of them will have their own chapter - so 'chapter three' is now 'chapter three c.'
One will be the voice of a foetus as it grows and develops in the womb. This will be written in short sentences, maybe even poetry but it will be a very short chapter, almost like an interlude.
The other narrative will be of a woman unable to have children and also runs a museum showing the past.
The narrative I am writing at the moment will be about a woman living in a city where cameras are watching your every move.
That's the plan for the moment.
This novel is still labelled as 'novel'. I did have a good one the other week but forgot to scribble it down as I thought I would remember.
I also need to start pulling together the parts I have written. Each chapter is currently in several files. So it would be good to actually see the chapters as a whole!


katiemccullough said...

Onwards and upwards I say!


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