Thursday, 21 May 2009

Adventures in Fiction

Adventures in Fiction Website

I stumbled across "Adventures in Fiction" whilst flicking through the latest Mslexia and noticed they are offering an apprenticeship for a handful of winners. These writers are mentored for a year as the write and polish a novel in progress.
Fantastic - I wanted to apply. I would even started the editing so I could send off my required pages.
But the requires are that the novel most be nearly finished in first draft or completed.
I don't think 14,000 words counts as finished.
So I am going to hope that they are running this opportunity next year and have my 'novel in progress' at the right stage.
So that equals a sort of deadline doesn't it?
I was glad not to have deadlines crushed my creativity after finishing my MA but I think this will be a motivation more than anything else.

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