Monday, 27 April 2009

Will Carol Ann Duffy become Poet Laureate?

Finally some good news for women poets. Carol Ann Duffy has been put forward for the Poet Laureate vacancy. Carol Duffy Ann was one of the first poets whose work I could relate too. In my GCSE poetry anthology we read her poem Valentine and discussed it for only five minutes but I went away researched the meanings and ended up writing about her for one of my exams. I wrote over three pages on the imagery of the onion and how its layers are like relationships. Thank you for my 'B'.
Duffy was shortlisted last time but didn't take the position because of commitments as she was bringing up her daughter.

There has never been a woman Poet Laureate or even a gay one. Lets hope she gets the post.

More can be read at The Bookseller, here and here. The Guardian also has a story here.

Roger McGough is also on the list. I'm sure I saw him mooching around the book fair last week, if not it was a very good look-a-like.


Ben Brooks said...

Just saw your comment, thankyou!

I totally agree.

CAD would make a stunning poet laureate.


Jessica said...

I think we find out soon if she does win And the bookmakers have stopped take bets on CAD too!

Ben Brooks said...

Im going to go out and bet now.
I actually dont mind if its her or Mcgough. Both are lovely.

Jessica said...

Hey Ben,

Looks like CAD got the position:

Ben Brooks said...

This is very exciting