Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Six Sentences Volume Two

Six Sentences  v. 2 has finally landed or at least in the States. Current retailers are Createspace and (soon) Amazon. 

You can get your copy from here

I still don't know if both pieces or if one piece will be inside!


Madame X said...

yay ! i'm excited too - ! I submitted 2 and no idea which one will be in the book!! eek. this is my first not online published piece of writing! I saw your blog on the 6 sentences site - I want to start writing a novel too! It seems so hard to get started..I'm contemplating a memoir of short stories instead...though I should probably stop contemplating and just do it!!! Good luck on your writing! :)

Jessica said...

Hi Madame X,

I can't wait to get my copy too - Its going to be a surprise to the readers as well as the writers!

The memoir of short stories sounds really interesting! I would love a read :)

Jessica :)