Friday, 17 April 2009

The needle is my pen

My cross stitch project is progressing nicely and I hope to finish this within the next week. I have also bought the Elephant kit too. I'm planning on hanging them together as a pair. 

This week I have been full of ideas. I even went to a coffee shop after week on Wednesday (Escaping from the constant need to click refresh on my emails and to indulge in blog reading) to write half of a new short story. I am starting to piece together the plot on my Macbook and try to finish this idea soon. 

Six Sentences volume Two arrived today. Thank you American Amazon


emily josephine mcphillips said...

cool threads

Jessica said...

Thank you.
I have been reading your blog for sometime but never commented, Sorry!
Great stories :)

e said...

Yay for having new ideas! I have been getting sucked into the refreshing e-mail/reading blogs cycle too, and I have no excuse. I live near about a hundred adorable coffeshops, and still stay stuck inside with my little mac book. And I'm torn in two, cause I'm glad Amazon carries and sends Six Sentences, but I am still boycotting them after their atrocious de-ranking of books that they deemed inappropriate.

Jessica said...

I know what you mean about Amazon - I ordered the book before their 'mishap'. And I can't use waterstones because that mucked up one of my orders and couldn't be bothered to tell me!

Yeah for the Macbook - I got one just before Xmas.

Jessica :)