Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Weekend Away

I went to Cardiff (Wales) and Bath for the weekend - We had a great time walking around both cities, enjoying the Roman Baths in Bath, Cardiff Castle and Museum and we even had time to go to the cinema with our Unlimited cards (Yes, Geeks!). 

The hotel, however was a nightmare to find! After a two and a half hour car journey, it took another hour trying to find our way around Bus lanes and one way systems to reach the
 building. But finally, we couldn't take it anymore and, ooops, I think we went through a bus lane. 

The hotel was fantastic and very modern with a wet room (that left puddles for hours after), flat screen television on the wall, and sleek design. 

The Top picture is Cardiff as is the bottom one of the 'Keep' but the far one is the Roman Baths. 

I am going to try and add a few over the next month and add some short descriptions and/flash fictions. 

Word count: 8314
I have also written a flash fiction piece, plus making notes on a short story. 


Anonymous said...

*waves back*

Hi, yea, I like your blog too.
A novel huh? Me too in fact but so I've managed to only write info and lots of story related facts/ideas. Not much to brag about since I only imagined writing a novella for my first time and found that I'm working more towards a bloody series now, ha. Looking forward to your flash fiction pieces.
Best, Beth

Anonymous said...


You're reading Douglas Adams!! Good pick - he's my favorite author. If only I could write such ingeniously crafted comedy/sci fi. *sighs* Brilliant author....