Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Memory Stick that Time Forgot

I rediscovered an old memory stick with files from my previous laptop. And there are some stories on there that I had forgot that I had written. The time between writing, forgetting them and then rediscovering them has given me a detached view and so, hopefully I can edit them at the weekend and sort them into shape. 

I have also submitted a flash fiction piece. Something I haven't done for a few weeks - Well that's what my submission spreadsheet says - I was being organised at the beginning by taking note of what I sent out by recording them in one spreadsheet - less paperwork. 

The editing for the short piece is coming along nicely - The story is the right length and I like the plot too. 

Novel writing is now at 9881 words. 


Nik's Blog said...

Not a bad day then! Good luck with the flash sub...


Jessica said...


I just come back from work full of energy and ready to write!


Nik's Blog said...

In which case: power to your writing fingers and brain! ;)