Thursday, 5 March 2009

Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book Day if you are from the United Kingdom. I hope you were out there promoting the love of reading and books today. 

My celebrations involved finally spending my Amazon voucher that I got from Work for my birthday. I purchased a lead for my iShuffle, Louise Doughty's Novel in a Year and a Short Story collection by Richard Yates, Eleven kinds of loneliness. I discovered Yates through watching Revolutionary Road (which is fantastic) and I am currently reading the book which is even more vivid and detailed about the sobered reality of the American Dream. It was quite sad to know through this article in the Boston Review, all of his books were out of print when he died. Maybe his ideas were too close to the bone. 

I also submitted a flash fiction piece. My first submission for the year. Good luck little piece. You've been sitting in my notebook, neglected for months, then typed in a frenzy yesterday and edited with a fine tooth comb today. 

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