Friday, 13 February 2009

winter hibernation

There has been much writing happening around these parts over the past few weeks. I feel unable to communicate the idea swimming in my head or the idea gets muddled, blurry and then fades away. And the longer I left it, the more frightening the blank page became. I didn't feel creative just dead inside. There were a few tears because half of me knew I could do it while the other half was resisting.

But then I started reaging extracts from Judy Reeve's "A Writer's Book of Days" and things started to make sense. Reeves says that if a writer has a 'block' they should try being creative in another area. Try something different to find that release. So out came my cross stitch and I spent most of last Saturday morning sewing. And I started to feel better. I wrote three pages in the afternoon.

There are other habits that need changing too. I've been going to the gym after work and just coming back wanting to write. I'm going to start going back to the gym at lunchtime. Also I need a designated area for writing, not at the dining table (so that each meal time, I have to pack away my paperwork and laptop) or laying across the bed. Also I think I am so still worried about marking my new laptop or getting smears on the keys. I need to also install my printer and print off some writing and get editing too.

I have been indulging 'scrabble' quite a few times over the past month. It really does get you thinking about alternative words and language. I am becoming addicted!

I know I am late with the snow pictures but I've only just got my phone back from being repaired:

So this weekend lets write!

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Eveningson said...

Of all the novels to suggest, I am in the midst of a Dick Francis (among others) called longshot (his 29th). I just love reading his stuff even though it is fluff. But good fluff when nothing else works.

The character this time is a freezing writer who is not only freezing through a garret winter in Modern London, but is finally forced to grab a vanity job.

The snow and writers block reminded me of you.

To be trite; think of Alice in Wonderland and advice relating to how to get things done....

Start at the beginning and when you get to the end... stop.