Thursday, 26 February 2009

Afternoon writing, links and Mozart

Today was meant to be for packing for our weekend trip to Cardiff, Wales but I did some writing instead. I thought that the packing could be done later, when I was less alert (I'll probably pack the most stupid things though!). 

I wrote 418 words in this afternoon's session. Most of this is done to the Mozart playing in the background and also the Cold relief tablets. I've still got this sinus and ear ache since November (currently on my second prescription). 

An American College has collated the top one hundred creative writing sites. The original link came from the Six Sentences newsletter. Its a great way to find some new sites and to also have them listed all in one place. I like to keep a tidy, organised bookmark section on my laptop and so now I can have this one link. 

Total: 7406 words

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