Thursday, 29 January 2009

Question Time

There hasn't been much writing this week, just dribs and drabs on scrap paper, notelets and corners of pages. I can't seem to crack chapter two like I could with chapter one. I had a lot of energy for the idea at the beginning. It was raw, needed telling (or showing!) but now, to move forward its time to start planning, researching, making notes. 

Questions to ask:
  • What is the character(s) overall aim?
  • What is the time frame for the story?
  • Who is in the story?
  • How will the story be told? 
  • What are the tensions, conflicts? 
  • Where is the story set? 
Finding the answers will help me get back into the rhythm of the story. 

I'm currently enjoying Jose Saramago's Blindness. A city goes blind and only one woman has her sight. I like the way that none of the characters don't have names but have two word characteristics, "woman with dark glasses." Also there are no speech marks so the dialogue runs within the main story and conversations can run on the same line with only a comma to separate the response. 

Novel word count: 4610 words


Eveningson said...

I found, in my life, that a story is not a house. It simply refuses to be built.

A house is a home, a hodgepodge of bricks and stuff but a shape that was first an idea.

I think you start a story with an idea that will take its very own shape. The writing must be perfect. Always perfect. The best and only way that the words you have created can ever possibly be. I think that is when art appears.

I cannot write. I cannot find the perfect set of words and I do not want to write anything unless it is perfect. I want to spill out my life like blood on a page. Each drop worth the stain. Or else I would rather not write.

Anyway, I admire those who have a plan to write. Good luck. I am one of those left behind in the dust. Creating poetic excuses rather than chapters.

Jessica said...


The planning is new to me. I usually start with a sentence and take off from there.

But this time, as I am writing a larger, longer piece, I need to have some ideas down on paper, nothing to constraining, just enough to point me down the right path.