Monday, 12 January 2009

The New Year (Plus 12 days)

Last year was a great writing year. I finally had my writing published, first at six sentences, then hack writers, then Six Sentences again, in a poetry diary and also Everyday Poets. I learnt that your writing might not turn out how you prefer (the formatting of my poem) and the author biography may be wrong.

I also finished that Masters in Professional writing. It was a drag, sometimes hard to maintain or even find any motivation or inspiration but I finally came out with a Merit. And three chapters of a novel that I later retired to the drawer.

And now it’s the New Year. I have an acceptance from Pygmy Giant, so watch out for that. I was told it should be appearing sometime in the future…

I have also made some progress with ‘Untitled Novel.’ I currently stand at three thousand words. It’s not a lot because I haven’t been in the mood for writing lately what with an ear infection in both ears and a sinus infection. I have also been putting thinking time into what I write before committing to paper/screen. I got stuck last week on a scene – How was I going to get my character from one place to another – It would include writing a smaller, inconsequential scene. – Thinking and thinking, I decided to get my character straight to where their need to go, cut out the boring, longwinded process. 

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