Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Novel Writing Month

A few people have asked me if I took part in Novel Writing Month (the challenge was to write 50 thousand words in November). Originally I signed up at the start of October with the intention of getting a fist draft of my ‘project novel’ down onto a Word document. But I ended up giving up the idea as I couldn’t see the plot going any further and I think using the idea for my final year project for my Masters project meant I had to rush into it. There was no thinking, no simmering of the plot into a storyline or expanding themes. Just a word count and a looming deadline. And after the deadline I was dreading finishing the ‘thing.’ I had never felt like that about writing. But when I shelved the idea, the ideas came back and the warmness to writing.

I decided not to do Novel Writing Month as it was too soon to rush in with another idea. I’ve learnt that ideas need time to evolve before hitting the page and sometimes word counts and deadlines can hurt work.

Well done to Lisa for completing the task and before the 31st too!


Debs said...

I admire anyone who took part in NaNo, but I also thought I wouldn't for this year. Actually, I haven't ever taken part!

I probably would find it useful if I knew what I was going to write about rather well, before starting.

Jessica said...

Indeed, I would definitely like to plan the plot if I was going to attempt 50,000 in one month!

Jessica :)