Thursday, 11 December 2008

Hazards of simultaneous submissions

The other month I did the one thing that writers are encouraged not to do - I simultaneously sent the story to two magazines when I sent off Village Boys and Fret Boards into the world of magazine submissions. Hackwriters got back to me in record timing (under one hour with an acceptance). And now, eventually the other magazine has replied. They also wanted to publish the story.

There were two routes. Either be dishonest and let them publish the story or tell the truth (because they could easily find my story via goggle or on this blog). So I told them. And the editor got back to me, said they better not add the story to the issue as it was still available to view on the other site but could I send other, unpublished work for them because my style of writing suits their magazine. So I've sent off the email and its back to waiting, waiting, waiting.

From this I learnt that doing simultaneous submission can sometimes lead to a lot of explaining but Fingers crossed, could work out in the end.


Annie Wicking said...

Wow, good luck with your writing.

Best wishes,

Jessica said...

Thank you, :)

Kerry said...

Ah screw it Jess, I always sim sub because us writers shouldn't have to tie up a story for 3 months at a time....

Still, better to have two yes' than any other combo!